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Welcome to the Athens Amateur Radio Club Web Site!

—A KV5R Publication—

Athens Amateur Radio Club patchAARC Repeater

K5EPH 147.220 + CTCSS 136.5

Our repeater, K5EPH, now requires CTCSS tone access of 136.5. For those without tone generators in their radios, you may dial 11 to temporarily disable the tone access. This step was taken to reduce interference, not to exclude anyone! All licensed hams are welcome.


Mark your calendars for June 26th & 27th 2021 for Field Day. AARC is making plans now. Come join us at one of our monthly meetings to learn more.

AARC Monthly Meeting

NOTE: AARC monthly meetings have been started again!
Third Saturday of each month, 9AM, at The Athens Café, 607 E Tyler St # 106 - Heritage Square, Athens, TX 75751.
Come early and enjoy a good breakfast and socialize with us! Social Distancing will be enforced.
Meeting topics will cover various technical and operating aspects of ham radio and emergency service. As a club member, you are welcome to present a program if you wish. Just pick a topic in which you are interested, and contact one of the officers. All hams and want-to-be-hams are welcome to attend our meetings. We hope to see you there!


Chuck Welch KF5ZDI – President
Randy Pose KI5CNM – Vice President
David Deas N0UXR – Secretary / Treasurer

Henderson County ARES

…has a web site at http://hctxares.org. Please see this new site for info relevant to radio emergency preparedness and ARES operations for our Henderson County ARES group.

Skywarn LogoWe're the Henderson County Weather Spotters!

The National Weather Service contacts AARC to activate the Weather Net. The Net is conducted on the repeater, and Storm Spotters are dispatched to remote locations. Weather information is reported to the Net, and the Net Controller sends it to the National Weather Service.


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