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East Texas, Surrounding Henderson County

Area 2-meter Nets - Courtesy of KD5KIZ, Tyler ARC
Smith County 10-Meter Net
Sundays at 8PM
Net Frequency is 28.360 Depending On QRM
Net Control Is N1EW, Ed Wilkinson
Marshall Amateur Radio Club 2 Meter Net
Tuesdays at 8pm
146.860 no tone
Rails System Net
Sundays at 8:30 pm
443.200 Canton-PL 151.4 
444.825 Sulphur Springs- PL 151.4
442.100 Mt.Pleasant-PL 173.8
Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club 2-Meter Net
Tuesdays at 8pm, ATV net afterwards
146.900 Tone 136.5
Hopkins County Amateur Radio Club 2 Meter Net
Monday Night Net at 7 pm
146Tone 151.4.680
Longview - East Texas Amateur Radio Club
2-Meter Net
Tuesdays at 8:30 pm.
147.340 Tone 136.5 (Longview).
Net Control Is Tom Kennedy K5TDK
East Texas Emergency Comunications Services Net
Last Monday of Month at 7:00 PM
147.00 Tone 88.5. Net Control Is KC5SMC, Bob Sanford
NTS Traffic Net
Thursdays at 7:00 pm
145.450 Tone 136.5 Kilgore
Net Control Is K5UPN Joe Brown Of Longview
Palestine Anderson County Amateur Radio Club
Mondays at 7:30 PM CDT (7:00 PM CST)
147.080 no tone.
Cherokee County Amateur Radio Club Net
Thursdays at 8 pm except 1st Thursday is club meeting night.
145.430 Tone 136.5.
Net Control Ops rotate.
Athens Amateur Radio Club Weekly Net
Mondays at 8:00 PM
147.220 Tone 136.5
All hams are welcome to check into the net.
Fridays at 8 pm
147.120 no tone.
Everyone is invited to check in and we do handle formal
and informal traffic. Net control is Dennis, KW5G.
Tyler Amateur Radio Club 2-meter Net
Mondays at 8:00 PM
147.000- Tone 88.5
All hams with a tech license or greater are welcome to check into the net.
NTS Traffic Net
Monday Thru Friday at 9:00 PM
145.230 Tone 151.4 Dangerfield
Net Control Is K5UPN Joe Brown of Longview
Nacogdoches Amateur Radio Club
Weekly Net - Mondays at 8pm, 146.840 Tone 141.3
SKYWARN Weekly Net - Thursdays at
8pm, 147.320 Tone 141.3
Sidewinders On Two Net
For Those Who Have Side-Band Capability
Saturdays at 7 AM
Net Control Is K5LOW, Don Simonton
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