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If you're new to traffic, download and print KV5R's Traffic Handler Training (a PDF doc). It contains everything you need.

What's ARES?

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service is a branch of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) that organizes and trains hams to be emergency communicators. You do not need to a member of either ARRL or AARC to enroll in ARES.

Local ARES groups are formed under the local ARES Emergency Coordinator (EC) , who works with local law enforcement and relief organizations to provide communications during emergencies and disasters.

If you would like to join our ARES group, please contact the AARC President or the Henderson County ARES Emergency Coordinator.

The ARRL FSD Forms are reproduced in the Traffic Handler Training (open the PDF link on that page)

The ARRL NTS Methods and Practices Guidelines e-book is the official ARRL book for handling traffic and running traffic nets.

For more info, see Emergency Communications Networks on the kv5r.com site.

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